L’accessoires Winterland (December 2014 Cycle) Application

To celebrate the holiday season, L’accessoires is going to host the December cycle in a Winterland! For this cycle, we would like to expand our boundaries for your creations.

Event Date: December 15, 2014 to January 8, 2015

Criteria for participating L’accessoires Winterland:

  1. THEME: The main theme for the accessories or shoes you are going to create should match the Winter Luxe theme: fur, wool, leather, winter accessories or gears, anything you can think of.
  2. RULES: No changes on the rules for the accessories or shoes you are going to create for L’accessoires – new and original creation, no commercial templates allowed.
    1. Limited edition custom template may be accepted, but they must be approved by our management team first. If you are planning to use limited edition custom template, please state that in the application form and provide the following information:
      • Name of the original content creator (SL name, not display name)
      • Name of the store of the original content creator
      • Number of copies of the limited custom template to be sold on the market (we will not accept if there are more than 15 copies)
      • Picture of the custom template you are going to use
  3. OPTIONAL: Additional matching item(s) other than accessories or shoes to be sold in your own store are encouraged; they will be sold in the following format:
    1. The additional item(s) will only be sold at your store. You will be allowed to set up a display for customers to teleport to your store to purchase the additional item(s)
    2. At your store, you must set up a display for customers to teleport to L’accessoires to purchase the accessories or shoes for the December cycle
    3. There are no restrictions on how the additional item(s) are created; they can be re-color/re-texture of your existing or previous item(s)
    4. The theme of the items should match the main theme for this cycle
    5. Additional item(s) can be anything but not limited to: clothes, hair, makeup, furniture, poses, and etc. It can also be accessories or shoes, but they cannot be the same item you sell at the same cycle at L’accessoires
    6. Addition item is not mandatory
  4. FEE: Admission fee for December cycle will be 800L per brand, 25 prims (land impact) will be allowed for each brand.
    1. Select the 800L option at paybox
    2. PAY BY: Nov. 30
    3. Please contact us for the location of our paybox, do NOT make payment to anyone in the management team directly

Please fill out the following form no later than November 30 11:59PM SLT. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact MeiMei Shiu, Cieleste Magic, Wendz Tempest, or Ai Hienrichs.



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