L’accessoires Designer Status

This is the list of current active designers and their remaining contracted months. If you have any questions, please direct them to Cieleste Magic and MeiMei Shiu.

IMPORTANT: After every cycle, the Participating Designers Form will open here. We will privately message you all regarding it.

  L’accessoires Designer Status  

Last updated: Nov 15, 2012

22769    Manuel Ormidale – Nov [paid]

{{BSD Design Studio}}    Babychampagne Sass – Nov [payment due – 600]

AZOURY    Mayhem Seetan – Oct [paid]

Baoba    Syra Hyun / Petalos Clary – Nov [paid]

Bliss Couture    Amutey DeCuir – Oct, Nov [paid]

Boom    Willilicious Georgette – Nov [paid]

Drift    Kallisto Destiny – Nov [paid]

lassitude & ennui    Jackal Ennui – Black Friday Sales [paid]

FuLo    Dita Tran – Nov, Dec [paid]

Glam Affair    Aida Ewing / Amberly Boccaccio – Nov [paid]

HANDverk    Daphne Klossovsky – Nov [paid]

La Penderie de Nicole    Marcopol Oh – Nov [paid]

Miamai    Monica Outlander – Nov, Dec [paid]

PurpleMoon    Poulet Koenkamp – Nov [paid]

REMY | Reminisce    TheRegular Resident / OhTis Resident – Nov [paid]

Solidea Folies    mila tatham – Nov, Dec, Jan [paid]

UMEBOSHI    Keiba – Nov [paid]


Payments should be made to LePonPon Resident.


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