La Metallique Fair – Designer Application

L’accessoires proudly presents La Metallique Fair as the 2nd anniversary event. We are very excited to bring you something we have envisioned that will feature your creation in a brand new light!

La Metallique Fair is a fashion event with a theme that is all about metallic, glitters, sparkles, and shine. Nothing is better than celebrating our special occasion by glamming it up with your original, glamorous and magnificent designs.

We would like to invite you to join La Metallique Fair prior our public announcement. Here is the information for La Metallique Fair:

Date: Friday, August 15 to Monday, September 8

Theme: Metallic.Glitter.Sparkle.Shine


La Metallique Fair Terms of Service

Last updated: June 15, 2014


Basic Information and Requirements

  1. Each participant must at least sell a focus item (Centerpiece).
  2. Centerpiece must be accessory or shoes. Centerpiece should be the exclusive item for La Metallique Fair and cannot be resold when the event is over. You may make a specific color/texture of the accessory or shoes as the Centerpiece – this means that specific color/texture cannot be resold after the event.
  3. Additional item(s) are allowed. They can be any type of products you can think or, as long as they are in theme: apparel, accessories, shoes, hair, makeup, decor, furniture, or anything you can think of. Additional item(s) can be resold at your store once we announce in our in-world group that the event is over
  4. Item(s) cannot be re-color or re-texture of an old/existing item previously sold
  5. No commercial template allowed at the event
  6. Item(s) can be prim, sculpted or mesh
  7. Prices should be set accordingly to your normal range, this is not a discount event
  8. Gacha is allowed – see Gacha rules for more information

Gacha Rules

  1. Maximum of two gacha machines per brand
  2. Each gacha machine must contain at least one rare item
  3. Centerpiece can be in sold as gacha but cannot be resold in any form after the event
  4. Only the gacha script provided by La Metallique Fair is allowed
  5. Gacha machine will not be provided
  6. All gacha items must be sold in gacha after the event; except the centerpiece cannot be resold after the event
  7. We reserve a limited number of gacha space for this event, it will be first come first serve
  8. Additional fee of 1000L will be applied for each brand participated as gacha participant

Rate and Other Specifications

  • Fee: 800L per brand
  • Numbers of prims allowed: 20 prims to the designated area
  • Item expected: All items and vendor pictures must be submitted no later than Friday, August 8, 2014

Payment Information

  • Payment is due immediately after receiving acceptance notice from on of our staff (see below)
  • All payments should be paid to LaMetallique Resident
  • All fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-negotiable. Group invite will be sent once payment is received

Event Bloggers Specifications

  • Items for La Metalique Fair bloggers, at designers’ own discretion, may be:
    – Sent through La Metalique Fair group notices
    – Not sent at all (may lower your marketing potential)
  • La Metalique Fair is not liable for any private transactions
  • La Metalique Fair bloggers are not obligated to blog all items sent to them


  • There will be no exceptions or no changes made to the terms set here. In case there is a violation of this contract it will be considered as void as of thereof.
  • La Metalique Fair will not be held responsible for any impediments that keep you from having your items ready in due time. Shall that happen, please inform Le PonPon one week prior to the event so that we may find a substitute.
  • La Metalique Fair does not take any responsibility if your items are not sold as you expect, please keep in mind that we are only publicists, you will be responsible for your items.
  • Terms subject to change.

If you are interested to be part of La Metallique Fair, please fill out the form below and submit the application. Deadline for submitting application: July 20, 2014. We are looking forward to celebrating our anniversary with you!

Thank you,

Management of L’accessoires
MeiMei Shiu – Co-Founder & Owner
Cieleste Magic – Co-Founder & COO
Ai Hienrichs – Manager of L’accessoires
Wendz Tempest – Marketing Manager

Please fill out all required fields and complete the form below if you would like to apply to join. Please note, incomplete applications will be disregarded, as well as ones that don’t satisfy all terms listed. Lastly, we can only select a limited number of designers while taking into account designers already taking part; therefore, the result of the selection does not necessarily reflect our opinion.



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