Hunt 2013 Information

Dear PonPon Designers,

You should have received the folder named “L’accessoires – 2013 Christmas Hunt Kit”, with the box (santa hat) for holding your hunt gift. If you have not received the folder, please contact MeiMei Shiu ASAP.

Instructions for L’accessoires Christmas 2013 Hunt:

1. Rez the Santa Hat named “L’accessories Xmas Hunt – (Store name)” from the folder

2. Right click the Santa Hat, rename it by only replacing (store name) with your store name

3. Check the box “For Sale”, change the drop down to “Contents”, and set the Price to 0 (zero) L

4. Place your hunt gift into the Santa Hat

5. Re-size Santa Hat to the reasonable size (do NOT make it too small) and then hide it at your store

6. Enter the hint for hunting your gift in the form below

7. Please do NOT change the texture of the Santa Hat in order to keep the consistency

8. Please also check the LM in the LM giver on your table at L’accessoires. If the LM is incorrect, please enter the SURL in the form.

NOTE: Once I see your submitted hint, I will place a Santa Hat at your table to give out the hint and LM of your store.

If you have any question or concern, please contact MeiMei Shiu or Ai Hienrichs ASAP. Thank you so much!


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