Designers’ Page

Hello designers participating in L’accessoires!

This page contains all you need to know!



  1. Current cycle opens July 15th 0:00 SLT – August 8th 23:59 SLT
  2. Next Cycle: August cycle will be our 2nd anniversary celebration – La Metallique Fair.
  3. If you have not signed up La Metallique Fair, please check out as we still have limited spots available.


CHECKLIST for Current Cycle (July 2014):

  1. Pay fee of 600L at the paybox on the wall in the L’accessoires Office (Second floor of the venue, right above the waterfall, the gold frame with our logo is the payment termainl. You may need to hit LM twice to TP there.)
  2. Submit your ads/posters HERE to us so we can promote with them! Minimum size is 1024×1024 pixels.
  3. Set up should begin around the 12th-13th so check back in group notices then! Also, let us know if the LM in the signs we put on your spots need to be updated. Make sure you set up within your area on the shelves and walls and keep your prim count within ~20!
  4. Send review copies in the groupe Le PonPon in-world group if you please.
  5. Share the pictures of your products for L’accessoires in our Flickr group
  6. Join, Like and Share ourFacebook page. Feel free to tag MeiMei Shiu on your picture for L’accessoires that you upload to Facebook.


L’accessoires Terms of Service if you ever have to double check the terms.

Thank you so much for taking part in L’accessoires! Feel free to contact us anytime with any concerns.


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